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Getting the Most Out of Banner Ads

A big part of the success of website marketing can be measured by how often visitors click on your banner ads. Obviously, you want to squeeze the highest conversions out of ad campaigns. The most difficult task in designing a banner ad is using the space wisely. If an advertisement is too vague, it is unlikely to...

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Turn Your Website into a Marketing Magnet

Generally your company’s website really has only one purpose — to sell. And that means you need to attract as many potential customers as possible while maintaining your current clientele. In reality, people are always searching for your business — or at least, the types of products and/or services it offers. They type what they are looking...

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A Dozen Ways to Negotiate Better

When a deal is pending, the best negotiators know that the goal isn’t to scoop up everything and leave the other side with little or nothing. The real goal is generally to exchange items of value so that both sides leave satisfied they have protected their basic interests and made a deal that benefits their companies....

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B2B Advertising: Sell The Steak

There’s an old saying in advertising: “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Appeal to emotions, be entertaining and keep it short because no one has time to read anymore. The idea is that if your ads stand out for their sizzling originality, you’ll get customers to eat more steak. Many successful consumer campaigns are built on...

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Achieve Sustainable Cost Cutting at Your Organization

Taking costs out of a business can be deceptively easy to do — at least initially. Cutting low-hanging fruit such as providing coffee in break rooms, consulting services, laying off temporary employees or removing a layer of management can result in considerable savings. However, these savings are often not sustainable. Slowly but surely, decisions will be...

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The Post Office Can Help You Improve Sales

Despite the popularity of e-marketing, direct mail still works for many companies. How well it works depends on a number of variables. It’s a game of percentages. Here are six tips to help improve your company’s odds: Remember that “Direct” Is the Operative Word. A key advantage of direct mail versus traditional advertising to a mass audience...

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