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The Six Stages of World-Class Customer Service

Customer loyalty may seem like a myth from the distant past. In these days of intense competition — both from brick-and-mortar businesses and e-commerce operations — a company either provides quality customer service or pays the price of failure. That’s simply because today’s customers demand it. If they don’t get the service they want from you, they know […]

Broaden Your Sales Circle with 4 Simple Steps

If you’re like most sales professionals, you probably spend much of the day keeping your existing customers happy. Because there often isn’t not much time left to drum up new business, it’s essential to make the most of your precious networking hours – or even minutes. Fortunately, you probably attend community functions where you rub elbows with […]

Building on the Momentum of Satisfied Customers

If your company has a successful relationship with most of its clientele, you may think that it’s not necessary to put too much effort into customer relations. But you can’t just sit by and watch your policies work. To remain “best in class,” managers and staff members must continually be responsive to customers and their changing […]

Selling on the Internet? Watch What You Disclose

Online advertising is expected to grow even more this year. And although Internet advertising is still relatively new, the Federal Trade Commission is watching and going after companies with ads that it doesn’t consider truthful and substantiated. By its nature, the Internet combines aspects of print, television and radio, giving consumers a multimedia, interactive environment. This […]

The Source of a Satisfied Customer

Quality is undeniably the single most important facet involved in retaining your clientele. Improving satisfaction is critical to boosting profits and quality is the key to keeping customers happy. But how do you define quality and inject it into your relationships with customers? By living it.  Your company’s commitment should be to meet or exceed your […]

Caution Is the Cornerstone of Comparative Ads

Not that long ago, it was considered distasteful to mention a competitor’s name or show its trademark in ads. Instead the advertising industry came up with phrases like “Brand X” and “The Leading Brand.” Today, many ads go right for the gut: You can’t go a day without seeing bar graphs, taste tests and surveys directly […]

AAI Golf Outing Door Prize Winners!

Gardiner Thomsen sponsored the AAI (Agribusiness Association of Iowa) Golf Outings this year (three events the last two weeks, one more to come) and for those of you who entered to win our door prize, please see our winners below! The winner at Dike was Ben Buie, Grain Division Manager with East Central Iowa Cooperative. […]

Winning Ways to Compare Products in Advertising

Comparative advertising is legal as long as it’s truthful. But the truth can be a difficult concept and competitors often sue for damages and seek injunctions to stop the ads. The courts don’t always side with the party who is offended by an advertisement. Here are two cases of companies that won in legal struggles with […]

Good PR Can Help Your Company Avoid Litigation

As you already know, public relations professionals can help your company get publicity about the products or services you provide. But a good public relations program can also help your company avoid litigation. Here are four ways that first-rate PR can provide protection: PR can help manage media relations during a crisis situation. Let’s say your company […]

Marketing to Kids Online Requires Following Special Rules

Parents, children and educators all generally agree that the Internet can, and does, play a positive role in enriching children’s lives. But the benefits are clouded by the specter of pornography, predators and commercialism. Addressing those concerns, the U.S. has passed the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to regulate the personal data that can be collected on […]