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Corporate Cybercrime

Corporate cybercrime has been in the news a number of times in the past couple of years.  Recently, Scoular Company was taken for $17.2 million in an international email swindle to a bank in China.  In addition, Target, P.F.Chang’s, Neiman Marcus and JPMorgan Chase, to name a few, all have fallen victim to computer hacking. ...

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Congratulations to Blake Miller, CFE

By: Emily Gardiner, Marketing Manager  |  email           This past April, one of our firms Senior Accountants, Blake Miller, passed his Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) test. Blake is a CPA who works out of our Des Moines office and has been with the firm since 2011. The CFE credentials denote an...

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Accessing the NetClient Portal at

Gardiner Thomsen understands how important security is to you, which is why we have recently put into place a new method of exchanging important documents and secure data with our clients. We recently released an article explaining how this works but we want to make sure you know where to access the login to ensure that this is user friendly for everyone.

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Cyber Liability and Crime: Are You At Risk?

In todays always-online, technology-driven business environment, keeping information secure is more important than ever before. This is especially true for any business that holds the personal information of their employees and patrons in their systems. Businesses need to be concerned with the security of their computer networks as well as the record keeping policies and procedures that employees must follow.

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The Threat of Occupational Fraud is Universal

Occupational fraud is a scheme in which an employee abuses the trust placed in him or her by an employer for personal gain. Its formal definition is: The use of one’s occupation for personal enrichment through the deliberate misuse or misapplication of the employing organization’s resources or assets.

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