Is your IT Environment safe from cybercrime?

Cybercrime is getting more serious by the month.  The bad guys are getting quite smart about tricking people into clicking on fraudulent links or opening up malicious attachments to emails.  They are getting more sophisticated and even making communications look like they are coming from within the organization itself.  We know of clients that have experienced similar attacks and had data compromised or held for ransom.  We ourselves even experienced a fraudulent email attack that resulted in the purchasing of gift cards.  Thankfully, our experience was stopped before further action was taken. 

We have been communicating in management letters over the years the need to ensure that our clients take proactive positions when it comes to cybersecurity.  The need to keep it at the forefront so that your employees and IT teams understand the risks that cybercrimes can cause your business and what could happen.  Gardiner + Company is no different and recently had our own cybersecurity risk analysis done to see what we are doing well and what improvements we need to look at making over the coming year(s). 

After going through this analysis, we believe that all of our clients should consider undergoing a similar analysis.  We know some clients have very good internal IT departments and some lack those due to size of company or reliance on outside entities to provide.  While you may assume your IT team has everything covered and your IT team may believe that they have good controls in place within the system, we believe that it does not hurt to have an outside analysis done to gauge the risks that you may not be aware of. 

If you are interested in exploring a cybersecurity risk analysis, please reach out to us a Gardiner + Company so that we can put you in touch with experts to provide best practices to our clients like you.  We’d recommend that we speak with you and your IT team for a 15 minute gratis cyber health check to make sure you are secure.