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Changes in Accounting Method For Form 3115

Last year, based on IRS guidance, we changed the way that Section 199 was computed. This year we are researching the Internal Revenue Code, specifically sections 1381, 1382 and 1383, which are related to Section 199, to investigate the possibility of writing down your tax basis member grain inventory (in dollars) to zero. This would have the affect of creating a tax deduction equal to your ending member grain inventory.

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Section 199 Update – Amended Returns

So far, there have been several private letter rulings dealing with section 199. These rulings have been issued on pooling cooperatives, although a thorough review of the facts indicates that all of the cooperatives involved have been conducting their business like non-pooling marketing cooperatives and are pooling cooperatives in name only.

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Sections 199 Deductions

By that we mean, continue to utilize at the Cooperative level, pass the benefit through to the patron or a combination of both. We envision recommending some alternatives that will utilize non-qualified patronage allocations also. Our goal is to help you further strengthen your balance sheets and manage your members’ equity to best fit your situation or long-term plans.

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