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Shark Repellents and Poison Pills

The topic of how much retained earnings is appropriate keeps surfacing as well. One of the concerns that comes up is how the proceeds of a sale of the company would be distributed if the company were to sell. And, with the retained earnings being significant relative to the equity in the names of the members, the concern turns to how vulnerable the cooperative is to an offer that could be perceived as attractive to the members but would end up being a discounted sale of the coop– one heck of a bargain for a buyer.

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National Coops Look To Take Advantage of Section 199

With their letter dated August 19, 2009, AGP announced their intent to take advantage of the enhanced section 199 deduction effective with their current fiscal year ended August 31, 2009. They will now be computing their section 199 deduction in accordance with the prescribed manner that Gardiner Thomsen brought to you last year.

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Another Opportunity To Save BIG!

So, what is the benefit? This could allow your cooperative to pass the section 199 deduction through to your members, which enhances their cooperative patronage. This could allow the cooperative to reduce its qualified patronage allocation, which allows the cooperative to retain equity, thereby strengthening the balance sheet. And there is no question that it would generate a Federal Net Operating Loss which can be carried over for 20 years (under current law) which would provide for virtually unlimited income tax planning to minimize your Federal (and in some cases State) income tax. In laymen’s terms, it would generate additional working capital for the cooperative– potentially an increase in working capital of millions of dollars.

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Enjoy This Deduction While It Is Available.

As we all know, tax laws change frequently. Under current law, we can compute and deduct (or allocate to your members) this section 199 deduction. In fact, this deduction even increases for tax year 2009 to 9% of adjusted taxable income before PURPIMs and allocated qualified patronage (currently 6%).

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Section 199 – Good News!

Since the IRS issued Internal Legal Memorandum 200806011 in early 2008, which provided guidance on computing the section 199 deduction for both pooling and non-pooling cooperatives, we at Gardiner Thomsen have spent many hours researching this issue to provide the best possible tax service to our cooperative clients.

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