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Successful Strategies Create Successful Mergers

Acquiring another company and merging it with your business can be the most efficient way to grow. But many acquisitions don’t pay off and it’s often management issues — not market conditions — that get in the way. Here are eight key strategies that spell the difference between success and failure in mergers and acquisitions, no...

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A Climate for Mergers

As we start into 2014, it looks like the current climate is one where we are going to start to see merger conversations ramp up. There appears to be several reasons why these mergers are happening (or why discussions are ensuing). Amongst them are:

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Cooperative Trends Expected in 2011

With the quick build-up over the past few years of retained earnings, we anticipate seeing more time spent in the board room or board retreats addressing the member’s equity mix of the cooperative’s balance sheet.

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Shark Repellents and Poison Pills

The topic of how much retained earnings is appropriate keeps surfacing as well. One of the concerns that comes up is how the proceeds of a sale of the company would be distributed if the company were to sell. And, with the retained earnings being significant relative to the equity in the names of the members, the concern turns to how vulnerable the cooperative is to an offer that could be perceived as attractive to the members but would end up being a discounted sale of the coop– one heck of a bargain for a buyer.

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