Times Are Changing – Dennis Gardiner, CPA, Managing Partner

As I think back over the past years, I find today strikingly different.

Your industries, the current business environment and societal changes have directed our training, planning, and working environment to focus in areas not thought about in the past. Less than one half of our recent staff training agenda was dedicated to technical topics (accounting, auditing and tax), while a majority of our time was spent learning about personal development, mental health, mindfulness, B Corporations and ESG (environmental, social and governance).

To keep up with the changing times, we have created three different Champions Teams amongst our staff: artificial intelligence (AI), lease accounting and software, and ESG. These teams are charged with researching, processing and advising us, and ultimately our clients, about the consequences and implications regarding their respective areas of expertise.

The great thing is our staff is responding positively to these new challenges! We are enjoying (or at least not running off scared) from the changes and opportunities that these times have created. And although it might be bad luck to boast about the experienced team we have serving you today, we have also been blessed with very low turnover in recent years as well.

Of course, you have your own issues that you are dealing with daily: staffing-hiring issues, supply chain concerns, commodity and product price volatility, ever changing technology needs, cybersecurity concerns, etc. As always, please reach out to us if there is a need that our team can help you with.