Helping Employees Build Wealth

By: Gardiner Thomsen CPAsemail

The Department of Labor is helping companies remind their employees about the importance of saving for retirement. A series of four posters is available for companies to display. You can print them from the web site address below and display them in your workplace, or e-mail the messages to each of your employees. The posters come in text and graphic format and are available in English and Spanish. Here are the messages encouraging employees to enroll in their company’s retirement plan. Poster #1: Do you want an extra $100,000?  By contributing $125 a month to your workplace retirement plan, you can accumulate $100,000 in 30 years with just a 5 percent annual return. Workplace savings plans are the easiest way to a comfortable retirement. Poster #2: How can you earn 100% return on savings?  A dollar for dollar match on your workplace retirement contributions equals an immediate 100 percent return on your savings. Poster #3: Are you passing up free money?  Many workplace retirement plans match employee contributions. If you are not a participant, you could be losing out on 25 cents, 50 cents, even a dollar for every dollar you save. Poster #4: Over 50? Want to save more for retirement?  You may be able to make catch-up contributions to your retirement plan to build wealth faster. These posters can be found at the Department of Labor web site by going to