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Changes in Tax and Reporting Rules

W-9/1099 Reporting It is important for each business that issues checks to non-employees to have a form W-9 on file. Form W-9 is the non-employee equivalent of form W-4. Now is a good time to review your files to make certain that these forms are on hand and current. The information contained on form W-9 is used to determine if a form 1099 must be filed. Even you don’t need to issue a 1099, you are still required to have a W-9 on file. If a proper W-9 is not on file, backup withholding should be withheld from each check issued to the non-employee. Otherwise, the IRS can disallow related tax deductions and assess taxes equal to the backup withholding which you did not withhold, plus penalty and interest.

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The employer must hire designated community residents. A designated community resident is a new employee who is at least 18 and has not reached the age of 40, and who lives in a designated county. 30 counties in Iowa qualify and 35 counties in Nebraska qualify as a designated county - as well as many counties in surrounding states. Please note that it is the employee that must reside in a designated county. It is not relevant where the employer is located.

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Operating Leases Vs. Capital Leases

Based on questions that we have received lately, it appears that leasing is a favorable way of acquiring assets for some of our clients. The decision to lease is based on specifics such as: better financial terms, necessity, the lack of available financing, or just the desire to keep assets off the balance sheet. In any case, whether the lease is treated as an operating lease, the decision should be dependent upon the terms of each individual lease agreement.

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