Phishing Scams Using the IRS

By: Charles L. Telk Jr., CPA, Senior Tax Advisoremail

Recently there have been reports of taxpayers receiving emails from what appears to be the Internal Revenue Service.  They look very official and appear to be authentic.  The email indicates that the recipient is owed back taxes and will receive a nominal refund, usually around $100, after the IRS processes the refund request in 3 to 5 days. Sensitive confidential banking information is requested. One should never send confidential information via email unless absolutely sure of whom the recipient is.  The IRS never initiates contact with a taxpayer via email.  In 21 years of being a CPA, I have never received nor sent an email to any representative of the IRS.  If the IRS requires confidential information, there are forms to provide them that documentation– that is, unless you have established a relationship with an IRS employee regarding a specific tax issue. I would recommend that telephone, regular mail and fax be used to communicate with the IRS.