NEW AI & Software for 2024

Matt Gardiner, Audit Manager, CPA


We are thrilled to announce that we will be transitioning from NetClient to Canopy for our client document management. This change is part of our ongoing commitment to improving our service and providing a seamless, user-friendly experience. Canopy, a renowned practice management platform in the industry, offers a wide array of features that are designed to streamline workflows, enhance data security, and promote client transparency.

This change is set to improve our firm’s overall efficiency and client service. With Canopy, you can expect advanced document management capabilities, including secure document sharing, easier navigation, and real-time collaboration. These enhancements will facilitate our communication and interaction, making it even easier for us to serve your needs.

Canopy will allow you to easily view, manage, and upload documents from your computer, or you can even scan a document directly from your phone using the Canopy App. This will allow us to more easily share documents with you for increased security and less reliance on e-mail, and also enable us to leverage e-signatures.

As we head into the new year, our firm is increasing its use of the MindBridge AI Auditor software to aide in our audits. In our 2023 audits where we leveraged the platform, we increased our audit efficiency by targeting a risk-based audit approach guided by the program’s recommendations alongside our many years’ experience in this industry.


MindBridge allows us to analyze 100% of the transactions your company had for the period under audit, meaning every single transaction is analyzed by its 40+ control points. This reduces the noise in the vast amount of data your company generates and pinpoints our testing to areas of a higher risk.

Additionally, the program allows us to compare the current year to up to 4 prior years to give forecasts and enhanced analysis. In 2023, we used this to offer improved margin analysis, evaluate trends in revenues and expenses, and look at key financial ratios on a month-to-month basis for every year put into the program.

The move to MindBridge for your audit comes at no additional cost — we are excited to leverage this platform to improve our audit process for our clients. You may be asked to provide us historical general ledger detail along with opening trial balances as we look to increase the number of audits utilizing this program. Our audit staff will help guide you through obtaining the detail to make this happen.