GT Partners + Managers Growing Together

GT Partners and Managers growing (fill in the blank) together! Fill in the blank with:
  • Professionally
  • Personally
  • Successfully
  • Our firm
  • Mature
  • Old
However you fill in the blank, it has been a shining example of people staying together for a common cause…to serve our clients and their particular industries, area of business. It is hard to believe, particularly in today’s employment climate, but a dozen of us have been together at Gardiner Thomsen for almost 17 years to over 40 years.  This group of professionals is the secret to GT’s success.  Secondly, we have chosen to stay the course within our specific industry expertise. Founder, Dan Gardiner, put us on a course of serving agricultural businesses, particularly cooperatives, starting in 1964.  In the very early 1980s we started serving credit unions and also expanded our auditing of local governments/municipalities.  These individuals (and their tenure with GT) include: ·         Dave Thomsen        Cooperatives             Lincoln, NE                     40+ years ·         Mark Gardiner        Cooperatives              Des Moines, IA              35+ years ·         Dennis Gardiner     Cooperatives             Des Moines, IA               34+ years ·         Mark Rodruck          Cooperatives             Charles City, IA              23+ years ·         Jim English                Cooperatives             Des Moines, IA               23+ years ·         Paul Archer               Cooperatives             Albert City, IA                 28+ years ·         Greg Cargin               Cooperatives             Sioux Falls, SD                19+ years ·         Seth Gilson                Cooperatives             Des Moines, IA               19+ years ·         Elizabeth Thyer       Governments            Charles City, IA               18+ years ·         Brian Sullivan           Credit Unions            Des Moines, IA               17+ years ·         Chuck Telk                Tax                                 Des Moines, IA               17+ years ·         Ryan Taylor               Cooperatives              Des Moines, IA               16+ years Every day we strive to challenge ourselves and our staff to learn, develop, grow and succeed professionally and personally.  We are very pleased and excited about the next generation of leaders of our firm that are developing.  We are humbled by the client relationships we have earned over the years to allow us these opportunities.  You have given us the pleasure of growing (fill in the blank) with you and your organizations.  Thank you! The Next Generation for GT is also growing (fill in the blank) together! Another example of people staying together for a common cause—to serve our clients and their particular industries, area of business—is our growing next generation. The bullet points in the previous article apply to these individuals also. One of our proudest achievements is the development of this group.  We can try to take credit for it, but the credit belongs to this hard working, dedicated group who have identified GT and its clients as a place to grow and succeed.  Again, in today’s employment climate, we find this to be an item to boast about.  This group of professionals is the next secret to GT’s success.  These individuals (and their tenure with GT) include: ·         Kevin Blind                  Cooperatives             Sioux Falls, SD            10+ years ·         Seth Brittenham        Cooperatives              Lincoln, NE                  7+ years ·         Clark Moorehead      Credit Unions            Des Moines, IA            6+ years ·         Blake Miller                 Cooperatives             Des Moines, IA            6+ years ·         Michael Baedke         Cooperatives              Sioux Falls, SD             5+ years ·         Edward Arnold          Cooperatives               Lincoln, NE                  5+ years ·         Robert Bell                  Cooperatives               Des Moines, IA           4+ years ·         Matthew Gardiner    Cooperatives              Des Moines, IA            4+ years ·         Jeffrey Pavlik               Cooperatives               Lincoln, NE                 4+ years ·         Sara Reynolds            Governments             Charles City, IA           3+ years How Do We Do It? Gardiner Thomsen CPAs functions from four offices in three states.  We currently serve clients in seven Midwestern states and California.  Whether our clients are a quick drive, a 500 mile drive or an airline ticket away, we strive to provide local service.  Our clients include 100+ cooperatives and agribusinesses, 30+ credit unions and 15+ municipalities.  We have 16 of the Top 100 agricultural cooperatives according to the USDA Lists for 2016.  We have been serving some of these clients for over 50 years.  As addressed above, we have a dedicated staff ready to serve our clients wherever they are located.  We look forward to the future and what it has in store for GT! Offices:  Des Moines, IA    Charles City, IA     Lincoln, NE     Sioux Falls, SD States we currently serve:  Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and California