Dennis Gardiner

CPA, Managing Partner


Dennis Gardiner joined the firm in 1984, was promoted to partner in 2003 and made managing partner in January 2011. However, he truly grew up surrounded by the business. Like most kids, he did not really know what he wanted to do after graduating from high school in Waukee, Iowa. Dennis worked retail throughout school and into his college years at Drake University. He enjoyed working retail and thought it might make a good career until his then manager directed him to put his head down and focus on accounting. He grew up always interested in his father’s (Dan Gardiner) career. Dennis worked for the firm while finishing his college degree and then joined the firm shortly after graduating. When Dan Gardiner stepped down due to health issues in January 2011, Dennis took over and became managing partner. He is very proud to follow in his father’s footsteps and help continue to grow the firm Dan started.


Dennis enjoys spending time with his family—wife (Laura), daughter and son-in-law (Allison and Grant), daughter and son-in-law (Emily and Robert), son and daughter-in-law (Matthew and Kathleen) as well as his three grandsons (Benson, Wes and Theo). He also spends his free time enjoying the outdoors, watching the Chicago Cubs and even a bit of traveling.


Dennis specializes in agriculture clients, credit union practice and firm administration. He is a member of AICPA, ISCPA and NSAC, and he assists the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives with management and director training. Dennis is licensed in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska and California.

One of the things I enjoy most is helping clients manage their equity, minimize their tax obligations and build their balance sheet. I am always challenging management and the board to look at their business differently by utilizing various allocation alternatives. Innovation is my passion.