CHS Annual Meeting + Hospitality Room – Emily Bell, Marketing Manager

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our hospitality room in Minneapolis on Dec. 6 during the CHS annual meeting. We have had the pleasure of hosting a hospitality room during this annual event for many years now and were very pleased with the turnout this year. We enjoyed spending time with each one of our 120+ guests and we hope that we got around to talk with every one of you. It was great to be able to visit in a more relaxed environment and we want to thank you for setting aside extra time to spend with us. Planning for next year has already begun and we hope to see you there again!

Many of you signed up for our door prize giveaway. The winners are:

 James Wahle

Central Farmers Coop, Marion, SD

Series 4 Apple Watch

 Leo Reiffenberger

Labolt Farmers Grain Co., Labolt, SD

Chocolate Storybook Basket

 Sherri Schafer

North Iowa Coop, Thornton, IA

$100 AMEX Gift Card & YETI Colster

Thanks again for visiting with us at the 2018 CHS Annual Meeting!