Whether you’re thinking about starting a new business, are in need of assistance on improving a current business or are approaching a structural transition or sale of a business, the advisors at Gardiner Thomsen have the expertise, insight and resources to help. We understand how difficult change can be, and that without proper guidance it can have a negative effect on your bottom line. Therefore, not only will we work closely with you to establish and improve the strategic direction of your organization, we will continue to be an active participant in the implementation process.

Through our accounting consulting services, we can help dramatically impact the success of your business by implementing systems that will make your organization more financially and operationally efficient. Some of the specialized consulting services we offer are:

  • Peer group comparisons – Benchmarking
    Our peerless network allows us to gather more detailed information on your industry than most research firms. Gardiner Thomsen’s experience as a niche specializer allows us to customize research to meet your needs without compromising any of our clients’ proprietary information. With that network as a knowledge source, Gardiner Thomsen can more accurately benchmark your organization among your peers.
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
    Whether you need a firm to observe, facilitate, present or actively participate in your annual board planning sessions or employee retreats, Gardiner Thomsen has the experience to do so. We will strive to provide valuable insight on your industry and interpret how trends in your company’s consumer demographics will affect your future financial statements. From disaster recovery to forecasting, from budgets to succession, we can build a plan for you that will help you achieve your immediate and long-term goals.
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures
    Occasionally, organizations have the need to assure third parties of the accuracy or their financial statements or have compliance requirements that fall outside the normal scope of an audit. Without having to commit to a full audit engagement, Gardiner Thomsen can perform specialized agreed-upon procedures to meet those requirements.Any agreed-upon procedures engagement is intended to provide your management, board members and audit committee with insight into key findings in your financial statements. Many of our clients depend on us to perform agreed-upon procedures to add outside credibility to information and reports they’ll be presenting to banks, credit unions, regulatory agencies and customers. These reports include:

    • Fraud Investigation
    • Internal Auditing Services
    • Merger or Acquisition Candidate Accounting Records
    • Accounting Record Reconciliation
    • Compliance with Covenants or Laws
  • Board Governance
    Our service is to guide newly established governing boards to help them define their committees and their rules, responsibilities and procedures, to formalize your company’s business practices and policies as well as to define conflicts of interest and additional audit requirements such as those imposed by certain association memberships. We can draft ethics policies, restructure audit committee charters, implement fraud risk assessment tools and more to ensure that your company and its board is operating smoothly and efficiently.