Audits are part of every organization. They offer a higher level of assurance to your customers, governing boards and other outside parties. Gardiner Thomsen provides the most thorough audits, including cooperative and grain audits, by the most efficient means, providing reports that will allow your company and board members to improve your internal controls, reduce your organization’s risk and highlight potential areas of additional savings.

Gardiner Thomsen views our audit services as more than an annual assessment of your organization’s financial status. It’s our opportunity to provide you with ideas and suggestions that will improve your internal controls. We’ll stay in contact with you throughout the year to learn more about your business and to stay on top of any new changes that may impact your audit. This allows us to create an audit process that results in a meaningful and strategic experience that is tailored to meet your unique needs.


Occasionally, organizations have the need to assure third parties of the accuracy or their financial statements or have compliance requirements that fall outside the normal scope of an audit. Without having to commit to a full audit engagement, Gardiner Thomsen can perform specialized agreed-upon procedures to meet those requirements.

Any agreed-upon procedures engagement is intended to provide your management, board members and audit committee with insight into key findings in your financial statements. Many of our clients depend on us to perform agreed-upon procedures to add outside credibility to information and reports they’ll be presenting to banks, credit unions, regulatory agencies and customers. These reports include:

  • Fraud Investigation
  • Internal Auditing Services
  • Merger or Acquisition Candidate Accounting Records
  • Accounting Record Reconciliation
  • Compliance with Covenants or Laws
  • Fraud Detection Services

Auditing services performed by Gardiner Thomsen place a high-priority on fraud detection. Gardiner Thomsen is committed to the accuracy of its audits and to protecting your company from scandal or malfeasance. Fraud detection services are increasing due to a new audit standard titled SAS 99 ‘Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement,’ issued by the Auditing Standards Board and Gardiner Thomsen is leading the way in providing these preventive services to its clients.