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Smart Ways to Sell More on the Internet

The Internet has created a new set of challenges for your sales department. The opportunities go far beyond simply taking orders on a company website. Train your staff in the nuances of the electronic age and you’ll strengthen and extend your reach. Strategy 1: Narrow your prospects. Use the Internet to search for information about potential customers. […]

Save the Date – Hospitality room during MGFA Convention!

By Emily Bell, Marketing Manager

Fine-Tune Marketing Efforts by Eyeballing the Competition

Chances are, you know who your business rivals are. But do you know what they’re up to? Most companies don’t take enough time to analyze the competition and use the information to find better ways to market and sell. Here are 10 illuminating ideas: Call or visit competitors’ stores or showrooms.Experience your rivals’ products or services from a customer’s standpoint. […]

Build Teams for Growth and Success

Teamwork. It’s a common enough term these days, and well-known companies such as General Electric, 3M, Texas Instruments and Federal Express have been using it to their advantage for decades. Now an increasing number of businesses have taken up team building for growth, efficiency and competition. However, building effective teams isn’t a snap, particularly here in […]

Maximize Profits By Minimizing ‘Departmentalism’

If you could never run another newspaper, radio, television, direct mail or online ad, how could you bring in customers?” The simple answer is by working together. Frequently, many companies have absolutely no impetus for one department to collaborate with another. This kind of “departmentalism” can defeat a company. But by sharing information, your sales staff can […]

Use the Post Office to Increase Sales

Despite the popularity of e-marketing, direct mail still works for many companies. How well it works depends on a number of variables. It’s a game of percentages. Here are six tips to help improve your company’s odds: Remember that “direct” is the operative word. A key advantage of direct mail versus traditional advertising to a mass audience […]

Attracting and Keeping Customers Requires Repetitive Contacts

When a farmer grows crops, much time and tender loving care are required to ensure a successful harvest. When you meet with potential customers, it is unreasonable to expect that they are going to stop going to the competition and move to your firm. Prospects who have specific needs that are not being met are like […]


Which of the following violates an FTC rule? A company produces barbecue grills at a Nevada plant. The major components are made in the U.S. but the knobs and tubing are made in Mexico. The company advertises that the grills are “Made in the U.S.A.” A company advertises its product, which was invented in Seattle […]

Tee Off for Success

Golf has its detractors, but one thing is clear: The game is a valuable way for companies to bring in revenue. Many executives believe golf is an essential business tool. Strategic golf isn’t the same as recreational golf. Courting business on the course means keeping your business purpose in mind and focusing on your customers. You […]

Five Website Design Errors

Deciding whether your company can benefit from having a website is the easy part. Getting it right is the hard part. You want to make sure that your Internet presence portrays the company in the best possible light and isn’t marred by these five common errors of website design: Not defining a clear purpose for your site.Failing to […]