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Disaster Recovery: Ask ‘What If?’

Disasters never happen at a good time. But the timing is irrelevant. What counts is that your business can recover quickly with minimal long-term effects. And that means having a disaster recovery program in place so that your company is well-positioned to respond to — and rebound from — a wide range of calamities. The issues your […]

Violence Strikes the Workplace

Workplace violence isn’t just limited to high-risk jobs such as police officers, taxi drivers and late night convenience store clerks. It happens everywhere, as illustrated by recent high-profile cases. Workplace shootings have occurred at all types of businesses including factories, hospitals, engineering firms, advertising agencies and colleges. Testing Issues Some employers have tried testing to gauge the propensity for violence […]

The Latest News on the Personal Use of Company Cars

The free use of a company car is one of the best perks an employee may be entitled to as part of a compensation package. But the benefit to the employee isn’t completely “free” under current tax law. Essentially, personal use of a company car is treated as a taxable fringe benefit, subject to income tax […]

Businesses: How to Help Prepare for Audit Season

The busiest time of year for external financial statement auditors generally runs from January to April each year. But CPAs usually start gearing up for audit season in November of the preceding year. Accountants meet with clients, assign staff and schedule fieldwork. Then, the team conducts preliminary financial analytics, observes physical inventory counts, assesses risk factors […]

Successful Strategies Create Successful Mergers

Acquiring another company and merging it with your business can be the most efficient way to grow. But many acquisitions don’t pay off and it’s often management issues — not market conditions — that get in the way. Here are eight key strategies that spell the difference between success and failure in mergers and acquisitions, no […]

Celebrating 50 Years in Business

Our father, Daniel Gardiner, started the firm to audit farmer cooperatives, which is still our primary client base. We have a number of clients who have been with the firm the entire 50 years, all cooperatives. Our history with credit unions and our governmental clients starts in the early 1980’s. We have a lot of good memories from all of the years that we have been in business.

50 Years of Building Great Relationships

By: Emily Bell, Marketing Manager  |  email Throughout 2014 we have been featuring clients who have been working with Gardiner Thomsen for many years (25+)! We are so fortunate to have been able to develop so many long standing relationships and I have thoroughly enjoyed talking with each one of these managers and getting to know more […]

1964-1965 Financial Statement Analysis

In preparing for this edition, we came across some of Dan Gardiner’s files and reports, finding one that summarized the results of his clients from May 1964 to May 1965 closes. We thought you might enjoy reading what the averages were of what he was seeing in his audits. Here are excerpts and stats from that analysis.

Fuel Tax Issues

If your coop engages in the sale of petroleum products, the following items may be necessary: Retail Diesel Fuel Pump Stickers; Acceptable payment methods for tax exempt fuel; Federal Fuel Exemptions; Form 637 – Application for Registration (For Certain Excise Tax Activities).

Possible Bonus Depreciation

As we all know, the 50% bonus depreciation for qualifying assets ended December 31, 2013 and the higher expensing limits under section 179 sunset with your 2013 tax year. It is now possible that lawmakers will approve a retroactive application of bonus depreciation back to January 1, 2014 and that the higher limits of section 179 will be reinstated as well. A leading publication expressed the opinion that firms are safe making their remaining asset acquisition plans for 2014 based on these assumptions. So at this point it is not certain if this will be passed but this info is the latest available.