Celebrating 50 Years in Business

By: Gardiner Thomsen CPAs  email

50 years! Time does fly…..

As we marked our 50th anniversary on October 19th, we have been reflecting on where the firm started, where we are today and who we serve. Our father, Daniel Gardiner, started the firm to audit farmer cooperatives, which is still our primary client base. We have a number of clients who have been with the firm the entire 50 years, all cooperatives. Our history with credit unions and our governmental clients starts in the early 1980’s. We have a lot of good memories from all of the years that we have been in business. One of which is our mother working late in the evening, at home, typing audit reports for our father in the late 60s, early 70s. We have been highlighting some of our longest standing client managers in the past few editions of our newsletter, a couple going back over 30 years.

The firm continues today with the same emphasis that it was started for. Whether you have been a client for one year or fifty, we proudly and humbly enjoy the service we provide you and the relationships that we have developed with you. We are constantly trying to improve our quality, value and relevance to you and the industries we serve. We believe we have assembled some of the best in the business when it comes to audit and tax services for local governments, credit unions and particularly agricultural cooperatives and businesses. Dave Thomsen, who worked with our father long before Mark and I, has been working with cooperatives for over 35 years. Mark and I both have over 30 years with the firm, and we have a number of partners and managers who have been serving you for 15 to 20 years. We look forward to the next 50 years of serving your ever-changing, growing and exciting entities; particularly with our 3rd generation embarking on their careers with the firm.

We have continued to grow the firm, largely due to you challenging us by your growth. This growth has allowed us to retain key staff and give opportunities to newer staff. We have

expanded our reach to cooperatives in seven mid-west states: Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas. Our farthest travel takes us to California. Our governmental and credit union clients are almost entirely in Iowa. Since we are numbers people, here are a few we like to talk about:

100+ cooperative clients
25+ credit union clients
12+ local governments Hundreds of personal tax clients

In closing, thank you for YOUR patronage of our company. And like you do with your members, we work diligently and proudly for your business, striving to demonstrate our value. As we thank all of our clients for their time on our client list, we specifically want to recognize those that have been with the firm the whole 50 years:

  • First Cooperative Association – Cherokee, IA
  • Clarinda Co-op Co. – Clarinda, IA
  • Taygold Cooperative – Clearfield, IA
  • 21st Century Cooperative – Cumberland, IA
  • Gold-Eagle Cooperative – Goldfield, IA
  • Farmers Cooperative Association – Keota, IA
  • Coop Oil Company – New Vienna, IA
  • West Central Cooperative – Ralston, IA
  • United Farmers Mercantile Cooperative – Red Oak, IA
  • Farmers Elevator Cooperative – Rock Valley, IA
  • Community Oil Company – Rock Valley, IA
  • Cooperative Energy Company – Sibley, IA
  • Berne Cooperative Association – Ute, IA
  • United Cooperative – Webster City, IA

[We may have taken some liberties with this list; in that we included companies above because one of their locations was on Dan’s original client list. Also, since he sold his original firm in 1981, moved down the street and started over, some of the history stayed with his former partners and some of the rest passed with the “old man” in 2012.]

Thank you!!
Dennis and Mark Gardiner